“If you ask a Mexican child in the first grade ‘why the hell are you eating a taco’ he’s going to go home and ask for a peanut butter sandwich.” — My professor on losing your identity as a kid (via lasfloresdemayo)

sleepover: zodiac edition

Sagittarius: IS ANYONE awake
Virgo: *glares* yes, thanks alot.
Libra: SHH I need at least 10 hours of my beauty sleep
Aquarius: what is the meaning of life
Capricorn: dude shut up
Cancer: you guys please be quiet my mom’s gonna hear us
Pisces: turn the lights on. I can’t find Gemini! 
Gemini: I am under the bed.
Leo: What the actual f- 
Aries: that sounds fun! *gets under the bed*
Taurus: okay but can we go back to sleep?
Scorpio (outside, peeping through the window): be silent.


one time when I was 13 I wrote wtf on a Facebook status and my dad had a talk with me about being appropriate on the Internet


Where We Are Tour 2014 - Chicago, IL 8/29/14

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it hurt a lil when I follow pretty girls n they don’t follow back like hey I am a pretty girl too …


me walking into school on the first day 



Angel Haze photographed by Thomas Whiteside


when a bitch calls you thirsty like you don’t already know



Neymar in Miami today 01/09/2014


i bet yall the whole brazil squad is gonna try and hit up miami tonight but while theyre sneaking away from dungas triflin ass tryna be lowkey oscars gonna knock something over and wake the whole hotel up